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Bicentennial Park, Columbus, Ohio
September 25, 2004

I think most of you know Denise Mackura who is the Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life. Denise has been active, been a leader in the pro-life movement for 30 years. I can’t believe... she looks like she must have started when she was like 5 years old, I guess, Denise. She’s a former legislative council for Americans United for Life, former director for the Cleveland Right to Life organization. She is chair of the Life Issues of the National Lawyers Association. In fact, other than the fact that she’s a lawyer, she’s a fantastic person. (laughter). Denise come up! Let’s welcome Denise Mackura! (applause)

Now as she comes up I just want all of you to know what’s coming up. She’s gonna be speaking and then introducing a dynamic group of young people that will talk to you about what they’re going to spread the message among their peers. When we’re done with them we’re going to have some great music for you and were gonna have some of the top elected officials in the State of Ohio here to speak, so please stick around.

DENISE MACKURA: (note: first part missing from recording)
This is a critical election year. The stakes are very high for the future of unborn babies and women and American families. Voting pro-life is much more than a single issue. It is a recognition of the need for a moral prerequisite for those who seek to represent us.

If a candidate does not understand the tragedy of abortion…

If a candidate cannot understand the complete and indefensible injustice of destroying children at their earliest stages of development….

If the candidate does not understand the danger for all in a country which allows personal choice to determine who lives and who dies….

If a candidate votes to permit funding of agencies which promote or provide abortions….

If a candidate is willing to ignore to women from abortion surgery…

If a candidate won‘t even recognize the humanity of unborn children who are partially born or are victims of violence while still in their mother’s womb….

If a candidate is willing to promote judicial candidates who support the radical Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions which allows abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy… then that candidate does not-- is not fit office-- and does not deserve our votes. (applause)

No other issue involves thousands of deaths on a daily basis as abortion does. We can never let our American brothers and sisters forget that economic well-being, a clean environment, and healthcare mean nothing if you’re not alive to enjoy them. The right to life must be absolute and primary before any other right or benefit. Human rights must begin when human life begins or they will be subject to human whim.

We agree with Gov. Casey who said, quote, “I believe abortion will ultimately fail because it is unworthy of this great nation.”

Make this a reality in 2004. Please register and vote. (applause)


Additional hand-written notes:Abortion law should be decided by the people, not judges

Nobody can stop legally stop an abortion; a woman can legally get one the day before the birth is scheduled

We need 3 new justices on the Supreme Court

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