Monday, August 10, 2009


I apologize for the lateness of this entry. I intended to write a longer piece on the May 31, 2009 murder of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas, and local reaction to it. Unfortunately, other matters came up, so I am just putting up pictures, belatedly.

I attended the June 4, memorial service at the Broad Street United Methodist Church. Not surprisingly, a small contingent of Minutemen United showed up to picket. Memorial organizers warned the Minutemen against entering the church and police monitored outside during the hour-long service, The Minutemen remained in public space and did not disrupt the service.

Below are pictures of the Minutemen picket and porn. I asked if Coach Daubenmire would join them. One of the men told me he thought Daubenmire was in Wichita.

I did not recognize the two picketers. If anyone can identify them, please contact me.

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1 comment:

RBH said...

I don't know who they are, though one sort of looks like one of Daubenmire's troops who were picketing at a Zack Space fundraiser Wednesday.

Daubs is after Space to talk to him in front of the media. See also here. That headline is slanted by a local conservative 'journalist.' Space didn't decline to talk to the media; he declined to talk to Daubenmore on a Fox camera.

Daubs is, of course, parasitic on other more prominent people, and depends on them to get his ugly face on TV.