Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leave your guns at home, Bill...Don't take your guns to the CPC

I was down on campus today and saw the sign below declaring the OSU franchise of the anti-abortion Pregnancy Decision "Health" Centers (my quotes) a gun free zone. Being out of the loop for the last few months, Theoconia was unaware of the threat presented to local compulsory pregnancy camps by liberal gun toters.

Here's a handful of pictures, though, taken at the old Capital Care on N High and East Weber (since relocated) of kindly anti-aborts engaged in "peaceful" protest against a none-of-your-business legal medical procedure.

Pastor Bill Dunfee's arrest at the old CapCare at N. High and E. Weber Rd.

Dr. Patrick Johnston's warning:

Patrick with another sign

Mount Vernon science teacher John Freshwater (Minutemen cap) and Minutemen friends in abortion dialogue with passerby

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RBH said...

FYI, Johnston testified in the administrative hearing on Freshwater's termination last Wednesday. See here. A sample quote from my account of the testimony:

Also as noted above, Freshwater was on his show on April 25, 2009. That was the show where Freshwater described using Lego blocks to illustrate the impossibility of chance formation of something or other, and in which Freshwater and Johnston agreed that the Second Law of Thermodynamics makes evolution impossible. Just two guys shooting the bull about that of which they’re both abysmally ignorant.

BD said...

Thanks for posting this. I just postd a long reply on Panda's Thumb, but want to reply here, too, a little bit.

I suppose Patricks'a appearance as a "expert witness" means that Team Freshwater couldn't find anyone else. I'm rather floored, too. Patrick and John Freshwater frequently protested at CapCare together and I understand also at the Fox Hole strip club, though I've not actually verified the latter.

Perhaps I'm prissy, but I had the impression that "expert witnesses" weren't really friends with whoever they're testifying for.