Monday, January 23, 2012

Support Occupy Columbus - January 23, 2012

I dropped by the Occupy Columbus compound for a few minutes today on my way to the Columbus Right to Life rally. .  Due to COTA construction of a much-needed bus shelter in front of the Statehouse, (though it will spoil the view) the occupiers have moved to the far south end of the block, (S High and E State) which strikes me as a more strategic location, at least as far as public interaction is concerned. The bus-waiting wallsitters never seemed very  engaged with OC when they were next to the McKinley Memorial. and the bus stop.  The weather was unseasonably warm, the compound looked well organized, and a small library has been added.When I was there three people work staffing the tent or the sidewalk.   While I thought the proximity of the the compound to the CRTL rally had interesting potential Occupy Columbus decided to stay out of it; probably a sound decision, though it could have been fun....

Please consider stocking the Occupy Columbus larder.  I dropped off a jar of cranberry juice and a box of Earl Grey.  They also need need money and PEOPLE.  After the rally I'd planned to hold a sign  while I waited for the bus, but the bus arrived about on minute after I did.

I took a couple pictures which I'm posting here. 

I'll have a short report on the CRTL rally up later today.

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