Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A great blog appeared yesterday on Shakesville: Breaking the Silence on Living Pro-Lifer's Choice for Women posted by first mom "Shaker Anonymous." It really tears the lid off the anti-abortion pro-adoptionist arguments.

It speaks for itself, so I won't comment on it here.

Here's a snip:

They're [anti-aborts] always blatting on about how concerned they are for us, apparently because women aren't capable of making decisions without the gently guiding hand of all-knowing patriarchy, lest we irreparably damage our emotions and drown in a whirlpool of remorseful tears. They care ever so deeply about the long-term psychological effects of not having at least 10 months to consider whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, but no mention is ever made about women who actually do give up the baby. Seems to me that anyone who actually does so is lauded far and wide for Doing the Right Thing, but is simultaneously despised for being an unnatural uterus-bearing mechanism which has horribly malfunctioned. Where the fuck did that narrative come from, and why does everyone buy into it at some level?

Thanks to Maryanne for the heads up!