Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been away from Theoconia for some time,due to other commitments.

But, Theoconia has been getting a substantial number of hits lately due to Patrick Johnston's campaign for the Ohio House seat in the 94th District. The Zanesville Times-Recorder (paid archives) and the Coshocton Times (no longer online) have endorsed Troy Balderson, his opponent in the primary, which has caused a huge and hot "discussion" on both newspaper forums. (Zanesville Times Recorder; and the Coshocton Times.) A new blog has also appeared, No Extremists - Ohio 94th, dedicated to defeating Johnston. which I have linked to at the right.

Most of the hits here have been to my October 18, 2006 posting, "Rescuers of the Pre-Born" to Picket Homes of Abortion Providers. I have , however, written much more about Johnston and his colleagues. Today I tagged all of my posts so that readers coming here can get a fuller view of Johnston's beliefs--though I suspect they are well known by his potential constituents. Click on "Patrick Johnston" under "Labels" at the righthand side of the page. I suggest you also check out my entries on Dave Daubenmire, Minutemen United, and Operation Save America (OSA). For a big picture oppositional view of Johnston and his theocratic friends go to The Answer is No.

I spent quite a bit of time interviewing and hanging out with Johnston, mainly during his CapCare protests in Columbus. I haven't seen or spoken to him since the HB 228 hearing in July 2006, so I'm afraid I have nothing new to add right now. I don't know if I'll have time to work up something before the election, but please check back. I'll try.

All photos by author.

Top: Patrick Johnson and Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue - West, October 29, 2004, Columbus, Ohio

Bottom: CapCare, March 5, 2005, Columbus, Ohio

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