Saturday, May 10, 2008


This morning I was eating breakfast on my front porch, reading our neighborhood newspaper, The Booster. Past the news of the Clintonville Area Commission elections, police reports, and way too much high school sports comes a full page Mothers' Day ad: Thank You Mom...for Life. The ad contains a couple pictures of white newborns and a long list of Northwest Columbus Catholic Churches and individual members in each parish who "proclaim our commitment to the sanctity of Human Life" The page is paid for by Columbus Right to Life, Bethesda Post-Abortion Outreach and A CHILD'S WAITING. Yes you read that right! A Child's Waiting. Who knew that the Skank Sisters, Jenny and Crissy (owners of ACW), were so devout? I bet they go to Mass five times a week: Give us your baybees, lest our business die!

It takes real chutzpah for an adoption agency with 40 violations and a 3-week ODJFS licence revocation hearing coming up in June, not to mention the Bennett lawsuit (and here and here), to link itself to Columbus Right to Life. Have they no shame? (You don't have to answer!) Does Columbus Right to Life have a clue to ACW's troubles with the law? Whether they do or not, as a non-fan of "right to life" I can only celebrate this bit of hubris.

ACW is no stranger to Ohio "right to life" organizations. My best friend Google and I did a quick search this morning and found A Child's Waiting is:

  • listed as a "Pro-Life Business that Supports" Summit County (Akron) Right to Life
  • linked by Cleveland Right to Life
  • a member of Hands of Hope, a Cleveland-area coalition of 30 organizations that "promote[s] a culture of life which values, supports, and sustains the life and health of all human beings." You'll also find a list of ACW events in their calendar, including a March 28 workshop on Birth Parents Grief and Loss at Akron City Hospital. (We doubt if Stephanie Bennett was invited to speak.)
I bet there's more connections if I feel like digging.

Hypocrisy has never been in short supply with these people. Just look at the horror with which so-called "pro-lifers" meet unashamed, angry natural mothers and their uppity bastard offspring--most recently with Ohio's HB 7. Seal adoption records! Keep them sealed! Never let them know each other. Be grateful! Shut up! We know what's best for you!

Mothers Day is no exception. If anti-aborts really cared about mothers they'd get their noses out of their wombs,their fingers off of our records, and let us all go about our business free of their hectoring.

And if they really cared, they wouldn't be cavorting with A Child's Waiting.

Picture by author: ORTL Life Chain, Ohio Statehouse, October 6, 2006
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