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The July 3 edition of the Columbus Dispatch published letters from Dave Daubenmire and Dr. Patrick Johnston in response to its June 26 editorial, About Time, supporting the Mount Vernon School Board’s vote to fire John Freshwater--but asking why it took them 11 years to do it.

The editorial read in part:

He used his classroom to push his religious views by displaying Bible-related posters, calling other faiths false and telling students that homosexuality is a sin. Such proselytizing in a public school violates the constitutional ban on government establishment of religion. But Freshwater went further: He undermined those parts of the approved science curriculum that don't comport with his beliefs. In doing so, he misled his students and failed in his fundamental duty as a science teacher….

...Freshwater declared himself a free-speech martyr, summoned the assistance of religious provocateur Dave Daubenmire and called a press conference. The ensuing hubbub revealed a disturbing degree of support for Freshwater by people who do not understand or value the difference between science and religion. But it also brought out those who appreciate the Constitution's prohibition on state advocacy of religion.

Minutemen United founder Coach Daubenmire's reply, Editorial was unfair to science teacher, reads:

The Dispatch is out of touch. Millions of Americans are sick and tired of being branded as religious fanatics simply because they question the evolutionary theory of the origin of species. The Dispatch and its henchmen are intent on removing from the public school classroom anyone who worships the God who created Charles Darwin….

Christian dominionist, creationist, and anti-abortion activist Dr. Patrick Johnson, a frequent protester at local abortion clinics, who runs the Stop Columbus Killing website and opposes public funding for schools,complains in Evolutionists practice “religion” in schools of being victimized by “religious bigotry” in college and medical school for his Christian beliefs:

As a physician and creationist, I felt the sting of religious bigotry during my decade in America's universities. Why can't evolutionists even entertain some criticism of their precious little theory? Scientists such as Freshwater can prove atheistic evolution to be false, but evolutionists won't allow the truth in the name of "separation of church and state…. …The newspaper appeals to a separation of church and state, but what we need is a separation of atheism and state.

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Anonymous said...

I first looked at Dr. Johnston's webite about 2 years ago. On his homepage was the statement:
"140,000 people are going to die today and most of them are going to hell". Alongside was a counter busily ticking off the number of dying souls most of whom were on their way to their Eternal Punishment.

Above this is a picture of the Dr's lovely wife and six handsome children. I wondered if he tells his kids that most of the people they meet in the course of their day are going to hell? Do you think he points out the store cashier, or library lady, or mailman as examples of hellbound souls? Do his children divide up the world into heavenbound and hellbound?

Dr. Johnston has taken this off his website since he's decided to run for office. Maybe he thought it looked a little too intolerant?