Friday, July 18, 2008


Recently the official John Freshwater defense webpage, The Bible on the Desk, went online, It provides bios of Freshwater and his family and a PayPal link for defense donations. The site is sponsored by The Community Council for Free Expression. (In fact, the subtitle of the page, when it is Googled, is "The Official Webpage of the Community Council for Free Expression," though the banner doesn't say that.) The 'Community Council Members" link, however, is blank, begging the question: Who is the Community Council?

A quick run over to the Ohio Secretary of State's business database tells us the following about CCFE's initial papers of incorporation (filed May 19, 2008):

CHARTER NO: 1781823
EFFECTIVE DATE: May 19, 2008-May 19, 2013
STATUTORY AGENT: William Kepko, Attorney
1 E. Vine Street
Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Here is where it gets weird:
To have and exercise any and all powers, rights, and privileges which a corporation organized under Chapter 1702 may now and hereafter have or exercise by law, and take action necessary to expedient, incidental, appropriate and convenient to the carrying out of the forgoing purposes. (hand written, May 3, 2008)

I've been involved in the incorporation of a non-profits and even attended a 2-day non-profit incorporation workshop, and I've never seen anything this generic before.
I suspect, since this is an initial filing, it's a placeholder with something more substantial to follow. I'll keep checking.

A further Google search for CCFE finds the blog, A Good Choice: America is in the midst of a raging cultural and spiritual war. Forces of Good, Light, Conservatism and a Judeo-Christian Worldview daily battle the forces of Evil, Darkness, Socialism and False Religions and Philosophies. A Good Choice is on the frontlines exposing evil across America’s political and social spectrum.

The blog belongs to Matt Miller, Gregjaye (no full name given), and Merrill "Sam" Keiser, Jr. a truck owner/operator from Fremont.

Gregjaye's blog entry of May 20, one day after incorporation--Freshwater Legal Defense Fund-- tells us to send checks, made out to The Community Council for Free Expression to Trinity Assembly [of God Church], 1051 Beech Street, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. The picture accompanying the entry informs us that God supports Freshwater.

A post comment about the purpose of the defense fund collection is attributed to "Don Matolyak,
Community Council For Free Expression" and coincidentally, Freshwater's pastor. Mayolyak has gotten a fair amount of face time over Freshwater. He organized May 18 rally in Mount Vernon's Public Square.

The unofficial Support John Freshwater website has a download of audio interviews with Matolyak, Freshwater with WRFD's Bob Burney, along with a video of Freshwater on Fox's Showdown with Larry Elder.

Speaking of official versus unofficial Freshwater support pages, Bible on the Desk makes it clear that Dave Daubenmire is permanently off Freshwater's bus. Under the "New Media" link we're told:

This is the only official source of information from John Freshwater and his team of legal and spiritual advisors. No other person or group has the authority to speak for or on the behalf of Mr. Freshwater.

I'm going downtown next week and will try to pull CCFC's incorporation papers.

In the meantime if Mount Vernon readers can fill in the blanks on CCFE an its "members" feel free to comment.


RBH said...

The state representative mentioned on that Bible on the Desk site is almost certainly Thom Collier from the 90th House district. He's term-limited out at the end of this term. The rest of the membership is purely conjectural at this stage.

Marley Greiner said...

Thanks. Any idea who might run in either party to replace him?

Kate said...

There are two candidates running - Duane Grassbaugh (D) and Margaret Ann Ruhl (R)

Anonymous said...

Now one of his "council" members is running for Mt Vernon school board