Thursday, July 10, 2008


Cincinnati busybody and anti-sex crusader Phil Burress, director of Citizens for Community Values, was featured in yesterday's CitizenLink, a daily e-publication of Focus on the Family. The 5-minute video interview with Stuart Sheppard, which you can see here, contained nothing new for Burressphiles. Nonetheless, I was surprised to learn that, according to Philly Vanilli , there are over 110 "sexually oriented businesses" (whatever that means) in Columbus. Who knew?

Just a little less than three minutes into the interview though, Burress got a little hinky. Discussing a 2004 interview with a New York Times reporter, he recalls:

I just said, you know I’m gonna tell you everything, the good the bad the ugly. But but if you don't understand what happened to me on September 6, 1980 my story will not make sense... Well, what’s his first question now? What happened on September 6,1980?

That’s when I met my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. and I turned my life around Divorced in the past, Drugs. Alcoholic. I’m Liberal. A union executive. Democrat. And my life did turn around And, so what keeps me in this battle is that I know the harms that the Left produces in the area of sexual exploitation, human trafficking. Can cause to the community—can cause to the family.

We already know that Burress' purification drive is all about his former dissolute porn addicted soul. But let's get this straight. "The Left" with its labor unions, alcohol and drugs is responsible not only for his personal downfall, but his whole sin list of "sexual exploitation" that must be struck from cities across the US: strip clubs, Larry Flynt, Hustler, homosexuality, escort services, Marriott Hotel porn-to-order, prostitution, suggestive billboards and ads, private dancers, and peep shows. The way Burress talks you'd think he needs all these eradicated to keep him in line. You'd think that the Solid Gold Dancers were hot for his lap.

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