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Silent No More Book Launch
Center for Moral Clarity
World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio
April 16, 2005

It’s such a pleasure to be here. (not understandable)

….The escort service. Fine, we’ll take care of this. So, we’re doing well, but wars have to be fought to the end. This is pitched battle for the nation. Even with our gains, (not understandable) the mainstream media still sets the normative media climate. They set the agenda and we disrupt it. That’s the pattern. In the case of this, we have to fight even harder. Conservatives can’t rely on Fox News. For one thing Fox News isn’t always that great. It’s better than Mike Wallace, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, but can’t we have a standard a little higher there than better than Dan Rather? Moreover, if Roger Ailes ever goes, we’re finished. Conservatives don’t need a sugar daddy (not understandable). What we need is competition, and we’ll do just fine. (not understandable) programming decisions at MSNBC. It’s like The Producers. It’s like a (not understandable) to be driven off the air. The personalities (not understandable) Ron Reagan, Jr. and Tucker Carlson at the same time, and MSNBC needs to go off the air. As it stands the top 5 rated cable shows are all on Fox News. John Sinunu, The Daily Show. The Daily Show has 200,000 viewers, the (not understandable) has 2.6 million viewers. Consider ABC and NBC each have over—their news programs have over 10 million viewers. Even the fake news over on CBS has over 7 million viewers. Fox has a lousy a million viewers and the liberals think fascism has come to America. Every time I turn on the TV or radio I hear another liberal complaining about being silenced. They are but only through the use of my (not understandable).

Throughout, throughout the past couple of years we have massive things like war protests call Bush a fascist. No one silenced them. No one told them to shut up. Jeanine Garofalo’s lame sitcom doesn’t get picked up and suddenly it’s 1938 Germany and they’re the Jews.

They’re always accusing us of oppressing them, so I say let’s oppress them. (big applause) We’re repressing their speech when we’re doing nothing. Let’s repress it. Let’s burn their books every time they burn one of our student conservative newspapers. (not understandable) and global warming. What’s not to like?

I think we have a long way to go in the censorship department. (not understandable) where Will and Grace is on TV. But also upset about the ALLEDGED torture at Guantamo. Oh the sexual degradation. How about we force the detainees to watch Will and Grace? Is that Constitutional? And if so, why do we torture American families who also have scruples? This free speech thing is a canard. Nazis could not be allowed to teach at American colleges during World War II, which is notable for being one of the rare eras in American where liberals do not describe as the black night of fascism in America. In addition to racist and Nazi, why not add traitor to the list of things that American professors cannot be? (not understandable)

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve just proposed firing the entire Harvard faculty. If Nazis can’t work at American universities neither can Ward Churchill. Churchill is an overt traitor. Anyone who talks about bomb traders, American bomb traders as little icons, is not fit to teach at any American university. This cheap (not understandable) acting like the big radical going around telling coeds yeah, I’m the one who said that, is completely protected by the tenure system from ever being fired. Well what other job offers this type of insularity, real job protection? I mean, besides being an Air America drive-time host. I mean, it’s an act of credit to get a cushy university job. You’d think Churchill would just shut up and lay low, but apparently he wanted attention and he got some. There hasn’t been a claim this tenuous to, to get an Indian heritage since Jane Fonda married Ted Turner. His research is nonsense. I’ve seen more accurate depictions of the Indian experience in a marathon re-run of F-Troop. I say you’ll find a better professor of Indian Studies by randomly choosing a name in the Boulder Colorado phone book, and I’ve got documentation to back it up.

Let’s step up this fight. These institutions can be shaken. Look at what happened to Dan Rather. Dan Rather is out, or as I prefer to put it, one down, two to go. Dan Rather and CBS News represent the Left’s s enduring hatred for Richard Nixon for getting Alger Hiss. Liberals waited 25 years to get Richard Nixon, and we waited 35 to get Dan Rather. As Don Corelone says, “The Godfather of this world, there come a time when the most humble of men keeps his eyes open and takes his revenge on the most powerful.” Rest in peace, Richard Nixon. We got Rather! (not understandable) Dan Rather (not understandable) will need a much bigger trophy room for all these stuffed heads. The one we promise not to touch is liberal talk radio. Left wing radio is essential. Last week Pacifica Radio was promoting the theory that George Bush 41 was involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. They’re asking for donations to keep Al Jeezera on the air. This isn’t a joke. We need these sorts—types—of tin foil hat types busy while we run the world, reform Social Security, put the judges on the courts, spread democracy around the world.

The problem is liberals just couldn’t get their message out. And that’s probably the issue. Donna Brazil was recently quoted as saying she’s Catholic. She, of course, is a big Democratic consultant. And she said, my family’s Catholic and I have the hardest time convincing them that the Democratic Party isn’t just reflexively pro-abortion. Aren’t they? Are we talking about the same Democratic Party? In the interest of good sportsmanship in order to help the Democrats clarify their differences with the Republican Party. I have a few points to recommend to them:

First I think the Democratic Party needs to have a lot more anti-war rallies where Jesse Jackson, Ramsey Clark, everyone wears a beret, and they call one another comrade. The public cries out for the opinion of (not understandable) berets. Do not fall for the canard about leftwing kooks harming the work of liberals who look normal. They did not (not understandable) on their side, but that turned out to be Scott Ritter. Ritter, you’ll recall, was the UN weapons inspector turned peacenik turn suspected pederast. That’s liberals for you. They cut their hair, clean up their act, and it turns out they’re dating underage girls.

Second, (not understandable) marriage licenses. That was a big hit with the voters. (not understandable) marriage in the last election. In Mississippi, the vote was 88% against gay marriage. In Oregon, not the best hope. That’s where all the money was sent by gay rights activists. That’s where they thought they could be won. Even there…and the normal marriage amendment passed by 57%. Not one state voted for gy marriage. Not even California-- they’re insane. Not one legislature, not one referendum. In fact a Democratic pollster and he was gasping at the numbers. You could get approval for making Hitler’s birthday a national holiday. Just to give you some idea of where the polls are on this, Barbara Boxer claims that she’s against gay marriage, and it would be great for the Democrats, the 4 demographic groups most opposed to marriage—I don’t consider Christians a demographic—that’s an (not understandable) group. The 4 demographic most opposed to gay marriage are blacks, #1. A black minister in Chicago was giving a speech on gay marriage, he said he was so opposed to gay marriage that if the Klan was opposed to gay marriage, then I’ll ride with the Klan. Then Hispanics blue collar voters, and the elderly re the 4 demographic groups opposed to gay marriage. They are also known as the 4 pillars of the Democratic Party. Yes. Keep pushing gay marriage. Democrats kept complaining that Republicans were pandering on the gay marriage issue, but I was alive last year, and the way I remember it…. it was liberals jamming gay marriage down an unsuspecting nation’s throat. We were sitting around minding our own business, not bothering anyone when suddenly the Democrats started discovering provisions for gay marriage in 200 year old Constitutions. The first one, of course, was the Massachusetts Constitution. The Massachusetts Constitution was written in 1780 by John Adams, probably the most Christian founding father. But these smart guys on the Massachusetts Supreme Court gazed upon that document and discovered something no one had ever seen before, a right to gay marriage. If they can find that, we gotta get them looking for Osama bin Laden. (not understandable) nation, it seemed (not understandable) I’m a nut for defending marriage.

I think if you’re the one arguing to change a thousand year old institution, supported by all 3 major religions--we don’t want to upset the Muslims—so, you know. This gay marriage thing is not helping. I think it’s up to YOU to explain why the institution should be changed. The burden should not be on me to explain why (not understandable) absurd arguments in defense of gay marriage which when you first hear them you’re just, you’re almost slain by the stupidity of the point. One is, this is the first time that a Constitutional amendment has been proposed by President Bush, in our federal Constitution, national Constitution, the first time there’s an amendment to the Constitution that takes away someone’s rights. That’s absurd. Al laws take away someone’s rights. Slave owners. Cops. Soldiers who wanted to be boarded in private homes. The other one is how does this challenge your marriage? What kind of question is that? How does slavery in Georgia affect my life? Society has certain rules that don’t affect me personally. (not understandable) is about the rules we decide things in a democracy. We’re not Iran. We vote. We’re not ruled by a bunch of mullahs. The Mullahs seem to think we’re a bunch of servile Euros. We can just be bossed around endlessly. So, I think, yes, the Democrats need to keep promoting gay marriage as one of their main issues. Make that one front and center.

Also, I think Democrats need to keep attacking Christianity. They don’t need much encouragement from me on that. They’ve taken to that like hungry fish to bait. Democrats are already making great strides with using black voters, for example with their stand on gay marriage. I think after the comments on this last election blacks must be perplexed to discover what a purely anti-christian coalition they’ve been a part of.

Proponents have been conning black voters for years. It is an illogical rule of politics that the Republican Party doesn’t need black voters, but desperately wants them. Democrats actually need black voters to win, and are constantly attacking blacks.

So, I think it’s important for Democrats to keep using the most secularly—especially New Yorkers who sound like (not understandable) who think Christianity is a weird and dangerous message to get their message to get their message out. Also, to keep attacking black is just stupid. Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas--oh, and their explanation of the Florida election. Yeah, keep doing that for your most loyal voters.

Next, I think democrats need to speak out more for forcefully against the Boy Scouts. This wholesome American organization. Their opposition to the (not understandable) after an election in which the majority voters said the primary issue was moral values. The ACLU is demanding that military bases stop allowing Boy Scouts to meet on their premises. This isn’t—this isn’t the most (not understandable) the Boy Scouts (not understandable) they won’t let gay men take young boys camping. Now the complaint is that Boy Scouts required to believe in a (not understandable) universe. A 12-year old is upset that his parents’ tax money was being used to support a facility where the Boy Scouts met. Not to liberals. That doesn’t happen. That doesn’t ever happen when this little kid is a victim of his bourgeoisie pushy, aggressive parents. A 12-year old kid does not wake up some day upset about is his parents’ tax money is being spent. (not understandable) Boy Scout representative Lynn Woolsey, from California, read a resolution in the House on to revoke the Boy Scouts 84-year old charter if they wouldn’t allow gay Scout leaders. Just like most—several—Democrats, the bill was narrowly rejected 362 to 12 votes. Though House leader Nancy Pelosi supported revoking the Boy Scouts charter. We’re going to need some sort of demonic device to figure out where liberals stand on gay men hanging around young boys. Priests? No. Boy Scout leaders? Yes. If for no other reason Boy Scouts have to exclude gay Scout leaders because wearing their other hat, liberal litigious busybodies would sue the—What, you let a gay man take my son out to the woods! It seems to unpack the Democrats message, to get their message out there. They need to take a 2-fisted approach to this wholesome organization. Go after the Boy Scouts like they’re going after the Klan.

The next (not understandable) plenty of room to curry favor with the teachers’ unions.. Democrats should start demanding really really really small class sizes. Hundreds of studies have failed to produce any correlation between class size and student performance. In fact, the Japanese have far larger classes than we have in grade school and grammar school. They have classes the size of college lecture courses, and their tests to no suffer as a result, but no one asks them. I think Democrats need to start demanding –I think the proper ratio is supposed to be 1 teacher to every 20 students. I think Democrats should start demanding 1 teacher, 1 teacher’s assistant, 1 backup teacher’s assistant, and an auxiliary back up teacher’s assistant for every student. The ratio should be .03 students for every teacher.

I’m not sure there’s much more the Democrats can do to curry favor with the trial lawyers having just run one as their vice presidential candidate, but it’s worth a try.

Liberals claim that Republicans are in the pocket of Wall Street, you know ,like John Forzine (sp) George Soros, Robert Rubin. Yeah, they’re our people. Wall Street. But I can’t see arguing that Ken Lay is evil where George Soros is a great American. Either they’re both evil or they’re both not. Contrary to liberal propaganda, liberals not Republicans are more likely to win votes of small businessmen. Democrats have to have multi-millionaires and billionaires. At a certain point it doesn’t matter how much money –how high taxes are, if you have so much money. It doesn’t matter if Bruce Springsteen is paying 60% of his income in taxes. He still makes millions of dollars per year, which may not be like Bill Gates, arguing for (not understandable) estate taxes, higher taxes, or what does it matter to me. But even assuming for the purposes of argument that the Republicans are in the pocket of Wall Street, aren’t trial lawyers about a hundred times worse than Wall Street bankers? They assert themselves into every activity that they can get their 20% for (not understandable), contribute nothing. (not understandable) top of the ticket in the 2008 election. Vice President isn’t enough.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time for Hilary Clinton’s healthcare plan again. That one’s coming. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This time I don’t think it should be limited to American citizens. Let the Republicans argue for no health care for citizens of all nations.

And finally the Democrats need some new arguments against a missile shield to defend America from incoming missiles. Everyone knows. It doesn’t work to keep saying, No, it won’t work. It won’t work. That’s their argument. You know they’re slaves to efficiency, those Democrats. Everyone knows they’ve don’t have idea how a squirt gun works much less complicated missile technology. So I think they should (not understandable) Star Wars on the ground, that even if it works, it will only protect the top 1% of (not understandable).

And in conclusion—oh, good. I do have time for questions. Liberals have one foot on the ash heap of history, and the other foot on a banana peels and it is thanks to the good work of great Americans like you, to make them go the way of the Whigs. Thanks you!


AC: I don’t know if they’re going to have mics in the audience. Two mic! (pause) There’s one there. (pause) It doesn’t take college liberals this long to get to the mic. Of course, they can’t formulate a question once they get there. Very quick to the mic! (pause)

Question 1:
Q: Miss Coulter, we have a question here.

AC: Hi, Jeff!

Q: Oh, you remember me!

AC: Of course, I do. My biggest fan. (applause)

Q: It’s very good to see you. The theme of the evening is morality, so, I want to ask you to discuss our responsibility—‘cause there is responsibility in morality. What can we do to bring morality back to the country? We, all of us, not just, you know Christians, as a group, a nameless, faceless group, but we as individuals, what can we do?

AC: That’s a good question. There are so many things that can be done in different ways that have a different impact. One is for all of you, in high school or in college, or recently out of college—do not go to law school. (laughter) Go into the media. Go to Hollywood. There are a lot of jobs that got a lot of money that has an enormous amount f influence on the culture. Go to work for glossy magazines or TV. Like I say, we can’t count on Fox News. If Ailes is gone we have noting going. And I think there may be some openings now at CBS News now (laughter.) Now, it doesn’t even occur to young right-wingers to go—or young Christians—to go into the media. I think that’s very important. Not just to set up alternatives, though alternatives are great, butgto in and take over their institutions, the way they try to take over our institutions. (applause). And, I think as an individual that’s involved in this, I think that one of the most important things that needs to be done now—one thing the appointment policy of judges is very important. Courts, the courts, I mean other than preventing Islamic lunatics from slaughtering Americans, though that seems to be going pretty well again, the courts are the most important issue because they are involving themselves in every aspect of our lives, and I think we need, we need someone in the executive branch or the legislature to stand up to the judiciary one of these times and say “sorry you don’t have the last word.” (applause) And that’s easy for me to say, standing at a podium, or writing it up in a column, and hitting the send button and hiding under my bed . What I’m calling for is radical. It may (not understandable) for example the Terri Schiavo case. The governor calling out the National Guard, but the governor is not below a probate court judge. The President is not below a Supreme Court judge. (applause) (not understandable) just needs to give them a scare. I mean it could have been done with gay marriage. It could have been done, but perhaps with (not understandable) it’s a radical serious thing I’m proposing with Terri Schiavo. So support your executive branch, if they ever have the opportunity to say no to an insane judicial ruling. This isn’t just a judicial ruling you disagree with, but…I mean, as I say with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. They gaze upon a 200-year-old document and discover the right to gay marriage. Now, that’s insane. (applause)

Question 2:
Q: Hi. I love you. My name is Randy.

AC: Not as much as Jeff! (laughter)

Q: I really appreciate your cynical attitude towards the left. I really do. My question is, which liberal is the most dangerous in our country today and why, and which conservative has had the largest impact in the last 25 years on our culture?

AC: The most dangerous liberal (laughter) ….who are the most moderate Republican senators? (laughter, applause, AC sigh) And who else? I have to say, I don’t find them that frightening these days. They seem a little pathetic, cold, and shivering. I’m tempted to say George Bush, but he isn’t that bad. I’m more worried about Republicans now snatching defeat from the jaws of victory right now. We are on the upswing. This is the time to fight. If the Republicans blow it people are going to say “we thought—we thought you were the ones defending us.” I’m always enraged when people say there is no difference between parties. There’s a big difference. We’re the party of life. (applause). There are a lot of bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats. (laughter, applause). Republicans cannot allow Democrats (not understandable). And Hollywood is dangerous, but I’m going to (not understandable)

Question 3:
Q: My question. OK, since judges have lifetime terms, do you think that Senator Frist will have the nerve to force the filibuster issue with the Democrats soon?

AC: Yes, and I hope so. I mean, Frist is doing extremely well. It’s amazing what a potential presidential run will do to someone’s politics. And, I’ve been very impressed with Frist. and I especially want to thank you for not referring to it as nuclear option. I call it majority rule. The nuclear option means that the majority of the Senate gets to approve a nominee chosen by the President. It’s one of the most Orwellian terms I have…I couldn’t even figure it out. I kept hearing people talk about nuclear option. nuclear option. What it was—and you know this is in a country that was where, where, the party that will tell you how many gallons you can have for a toilet claims to support choice. (laughter) Now what you can build on your federally wetlands, nobody supported choice. And they’re talking about one reproductive medical procedure. So, I’m used to liberal (not understandable) with the nuclear option. Frist better be willing to say it only takes a majority vote. (pause) I think that he probably will. The fact that he is—I think right now he’s enjoying with the Democrats and dangling it out there.

Question 4:
Q: Hi. I wanted to ask you, as a Christian teen what can I do to change the influence on liberals on my generation?

AC: The most important thing is get into filmmaking and TV. (laughter) Just—I suppose, just in your day –to-day life set a good example. Looking beautiful. Cheerful. And I think that makes such a difference. I get to sound like a (not understandable), but if you look beautiful and by going out …and it’s true. I mean, look at Al Franken. (laughter) And by your life you set an example. And there are so many bad examples and they get magnified and amplified by media to a phony extent. . I think I just saw that 15% of Americans families said they would like to be on reality show. 85% said Never Never. And you think, oh well, that’s not bad, you know (not understandable) used to believe in a flat earth. (laughter) 15% of 300 million is still a lot. And we have all of these tacky reality shows, and vulgar tacky people. Like Paris Hilton for magnified magnified all over the gossip pages. (applause) And all of the fictional characters on TV. I mean, I think Hollywood is the next frontier for right-wingers. I didn’t have a TV for many years. I got one about 5 years ago. I wanted to watch C-Span ‘cause I’m cool that way. (laughter). When I started changing the channel I discovered all this great stuff. TV’s an amazing invention. It’s not going away, which is why rightwingers should go into it. Newspapers, I think becoming obsolescent because of the web. Not TV It’s like listening to the voice of God. And, I am stunned at what is on TV, and even I start—you know, I’m an adult, and I start thinking that these are—it does influence your impression. The way people people (not understandable) influences your own being. And this is the way of artificially putting fake people around you who are beautiful and have fabulous jobs, and boyfriends. It’s an amazing entire cast don’t have the clap. (laughter, applause)

Question 5:
Q: Hi. Recently it was reported that you were attacked while speaking at a college or a university. I heard on the Sean Hannity Show that those charges had been dropped.

AC: Yes.

Q: Tell me why.

AC: I don’t know. By the way, I feel a lot safer here. (laughter) I don’t know. I put it in my column this week. I had just gotten a postcard. And, by the way, I sent them an email. I’m pressing charges. I told them at the time I’m pressing a charges. I will come out if you need me for the trial, though I did subtly imply that I thought it was a little bit boneheaded for me to demand that I fly out to Arizona in as much as the whole thing was in big color on videotape. But I said, if you need me I will be there for the trial. Then, you know with no warning I just got this little postcard in the mail saying that all the charges were dismissed. But it was—for those of you who haven’t read my column this week—(not understandable) during the question and answer period—and that shows you the state of liberalism today—they had two mics set up in the audience and taking questions. They could have walked up to a mic if they could formulate their opposition in words. But they did not. So 2 large males appeared. It was a pretty good plan, actually. The first one is the pie man, and the second one is backup in case the first one missed. But I’m like Keanu Reeves. And it was (not understandable) my college audiences, about 50-50 angry protestors (not understandable) and the other half good Republicans. And, a lot of military. And I was taking questions questions with the military in the audience, and I said, “get them.” They got them. (laughter, applause). One guy broke his shoulder; the other guy broke his nose (applause)

Question 6:
Q: I have a question for you, but first I want to tell you (not understandable), you’re a wonderful role model for my children. And my question is, do you think a woman will ever become president?

AC: Yes. And it will be a Republican. (big applause) (not understandable) with these Want a Woman President organizations is…I mean you just can’t say one woman. It’s’ like saying we want a left-hander. You have to find the person you want, and I have no doubt that Americans would vote in a Maggie Thatcher. I’m surprised that Phyllis Schaflay never ran for anything. Actually, she may have, but she could have been elected. But, they just want to randomly choose some nitwit, like Barbara Boxer, for instance. Or Hillary. How about that for a role model? Hillary. Get ahead by who you’re married to. That’s good model for girls. (applause)

Question 7:
Q: Hi. I just wanted to say that I admire you so much. I’m a college student. Liberals definitely have a foothold on our campus. And I was wondering if you had any suggestions on your to change our universities back.

AC: Oh, Yeah. That’s a very simple-- especially with a pretty girl like you asking the question. You must join College Republicans. I promise you a lot of men will join. (laughter). And since you’re in college, I gotta give you a tip. It’s a great way to meet heterosexual men. The College Republicans. (applause) (not understandable) it’s very striking to me how many women there are now in College Repubicans. It is not all upside. I used to show up at these colleges, and these guys would take me out to dinner. It was me and 20 guys. And now, it’s 50-50. And there are a lot of pretty girls in College Republicans, which is why my male friends like coming to my college speeches with me. Now there will be people like me coming up afterwards. Not always. And wherever they are in the audience all the pretty girls would come up. So my male friends get to just hang out and say, “I’m with her.” Oh yeah, (not understandable) these College Republicans. are so much fun. It’s such a politically incorrect environment. We’ve got Ward Churchill working on this. College Republicans cause a lot of trouble, and have a lot of fun.

Question 8:
Q: What do you see as the role of the church in politics.

AC: I don’t think there’s been a—I don’t ‘think churches have taken enough public role. (applause) That is, of course, why I admire this church. I’ve been looking at the phases that Christians have gone through over the years. We’re just being asked to fight back, to defend the 10 Commandments monuments, and—and to say that abortion is wrong, and this is a (not understandable) (applause). I’m sorry, this will be on the videotape, so I’ll just ask something simpler, but this is a very special country, and I think this will be the last question since I have one minute left. This was a country founded on a compact with God that John Winthrop made on the Arabella sailng to America, that we would not let God down and reflect this and think they don’t have anything like this is France. Look at what happened to them. This is a special country. There is nothing like this. It doesn’t matter who stands with us or against us because we have—we all (not understandable) God. (big applause, shouts, whistles, cheers)

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