Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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David Forbes:
I’ve come to know Pastor Rod Parsley as not only an anointed prophet, pastor and preacher; he’s not only is a generous friend—a giving friend—many of you know that—but he is also a Reverend of revolution. He is a producer of prosperity. And he is a captain—a leader that we can depend on. I thank God for World Harvest Church and Breakthrough Ministry. It has changed the landscape of this city and this state. I thank God for other Center for Moral Clarity. It’s shaking the Devil. He’s nervous. I caught a vision a couple of weeks ago of the Devil as popping Tylenols now. (laughter). Somebody said they saw him in a phone booth dialing 911.(laughter)

And now through Reformation Ohio we have the ability, as you saw through that video, not only to register people, but to preach the Gospel to a million people, to believe for a hundred thousand to come to saving knowledge. Do you know that that is the stuff that changes the world. And so, I present to you our leader, our friend. He’s a quarterback if we were playing football. A point guard if we were playing basketball. He’s our ace pitcher if we were playing baseball. But since this is not a game—since this is life—since it is the Gospel—since it is the work of God—I present to you the founder of Reformation Ohio, a man who needs no introduction anywhere in the civilized world. So I present him to you today: Pastor Rod Parsley. Receive him today! (applause, cheers)

Well, I heard an old old story
How a savior came all the way down from glory
How he gave his life on Calvary
To save a wretch like me.
I heard about his groaning
Of his precious blood’s atoning
And thank God I repented of my sin
And I won the victory.

Oh, victory in Jesus, our savior forever.
He sought me
And he bought me
With his redeeming blood
He loved me ere’ I knew him
All my love is due him
He plunged me to victory
Beneath his cleansing flood.

Can you shout Hallelujah!


You may be seated.

We are here today at a very critical hour in our nation’s history. The vision of our country’s founding generation and the inspiration of great reformers of ages past are colliding with unprecedented moral decay and cultural decline. Today we come to proclaim a new movement in answer to the crisis of our times. We call this movement Reformation Ohio. We’re not here announcing the latest religious initiative designed to sooth societal ills. No! No! No! We are here launching a verifiable revolution. We are not attempting to influence a political agenda. I think I better say that again. We are not here to influence a political agenda.

(tape change)

…. our nation as a whole. To fulfill the dream of Reformation Ohio we have placed ourselves in league with other dynamic ministries in our state and in our nation to present the Gospel to at least 1 million Ohioans and believe that this will result in 100,000 people accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. (applause)

Do you believe that’s a worthy goal? (cheers, applause)

Reformation Ohio is also determined to serve the needs of the disadvantaged and those who have been marginalized. In concert with fine organizations we will see the grinding cycles of poverty broken for all who are willing. That means the advancement for men and women of character right here in the Buckeye State.

Reformation Ohio will also set itself to the task of registering 400,000 new voters. This will not only bring new energy and healthy change to Ohio’s internal civic life, but will also serve to enhance our state’s strategic role in the broader political life of our nation.

It’s an ambitious agenda. It’s a bold agenda. But it’s an agenda demanded by our times and commanded by our God. It’s an agenda made attractive by our certainty of success if men and women of faith and vision, just like you, will ban together in this noble cause.

We will certainly have our critics. Indeed, some have already spoken against us.

Some will say that such a intentions will be wasted on Ohio. Some will say our numbers are too few and our task is too great. Other will attempt to relegate us to our houses of worship and attempt to intimidate us into retreating from our efforts to affect meaningful change beyond the four walls of our houses of worship.
But I’ve got news for you. Our critics cannot claim to know who we are or who sent us or who empowers us (cheers). Our critics cannot begin to understand the astonishing things we can accomplish and how boldly we can dream. They don’t know that Ohio has played host to some of the most transforming spiritual movements in our nation’s history. They have forgotten one of the greatest lessons of the ages: History is never ruled by the majority. It is always ruled by a dedicated minority. A remnant. I said a remnant--who give themselves for a noble cause and calling! Are you that bunch? (cheers, applause)

See, here’s what we know. We know the kind of faith we carry and give our hearts. It’s not a faith so small that it can be confined to our church pews. It is a faith so large that it can fill the streets of every city and hamlet and town across the Buckeye State and across this nation. It is not a faith of pious and powerless ritual. It is a faith in a heavenly kingdom offered as the answer to the failed systems and programs of men. It is a faith that is affirmed and informed by the words of the Ohio State motto which is inscribed by the very stones of this capitol as well as upon the fleshly tablets of our hearts. Would you shout it with me!

With God, all things are possible!

I want them to hear it across the Buckeye State. Would you say it again!

With God, all things are possible!

I dare you to shout it one more time, and wake up the sleeping giant.

With God, all things are possible!.

One more time-- and wake up a sleeping giant.

With God, all things are possible!

I hold firmly to this faith and I believe in the dream of Reformation Ohio. Though this vision has come through me, I understand that it is a vision far beyond me alone. Though I will always remain the founder of this movement. I will hold no office within the organization assembled to fulfill this mandate. I take this step to model the truth that this movement is not about me . In fact, it’s not even about all of us assembled here today. It is about the one who has called us and empowered us for such a time as this at this historic time in our nation’s history.

Let me describe to you what I see, standing here on these steps this morning. I see an impassioned Martin Luther nailing his 95 challenges to the old religious order upon the cathedral door. I see the Wesley Brothers, John and Charles, along with their friend the mighty preacher George Whitfield rejecting the religious status quo as they preached and practiced holiness and changed continents. I see a lawyer named Charles Finney called by God from a successful practice to plead God’s cause to the jury of his countrymen. These reforms and the movements they inspired were an answer to the moral depravity of their times.

I don’t ‘need to detail the immorality we have seen in America in the past decade. The lascivious, vile diversions displayed as today’s entertainment would make the most blighted rogues of decades past blush with shame. The man-made dogma of humanism with its foul offspring materialism and hedonism has become the prevailing religion in America and much of the Western world. In our mad rush for self-fulfillment we are careening close to self-annihilation. As our culture collapses under the weight of our corruption, we must have a culture shaking revolutionary revival (cheers) that comes from a region beyond ourselves that is supernatural in its scope. Our moral compass must be re-set according to a celestial standard that will give us divine guidance in a day of decadence and decay.

President George W. Bush said it best in his speech at the National Cathedral in Washington , DC just days after the terrorist attacks of . “The commitment of our fathers must now become the calling of our time.” And he was right. So today I say the hour has come. The need is urgent. The vision is clear. Reformation Ohio is our answer to the calling of our time.

Would you shout one time with me: Let the reformation begin!

Let the reformation begin!

Shout it one more time!

Let the reformation begin!

Shout it like you’re going to carry the blood stained banner of the cross of Christ the length and breadth of the Buckeye State!. Shout it one more time to the glory of God!

Let the reformation begin!

(Shouts, applause)

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