Thursday, July 06, 2006


Silent No More Book Launch
Center for Moral Clarity
World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio
April 16, 2005

(big applause) NOTE: Keyes begins his sermon by creaming into the mic and it is impossible to understand what he’s saying.

...We understand this. It is the spirit of God as it has (not understandable) through each and every one of us when only one question will be on your mind. And that’s, what do I get, where do I go, when can I (not understandable). We will spread this word, and this fervor, and this faith and enthusiasm through every Christian person in every Christian and every church until we have brought that system of God into the light. (loud applause)

(not understandable) that understands the simple truth. That (not understandable) is not for me. Justices, and justice, and politicians (not understandable) America and the hope it represents for decency. We’ll be saved. Don’t worry about the (not understandable). Lincoln said we’re a government of the people, by the people and for the people. You want to bring that grace of God to America (not understandable) (applause) That’s why you’re here. Because it has been the wisdom of God to make the people sovereign temporarily in America. It is their heart that will decide the future. Their will. Their conscience, and we must call their heart, and will, and conscience to the Lord—and that’s God. That is the first step that we must take. And then we must give the blind to all those who say the Christian heart and the Christian conscience cannot be brought into the public precincts of this nation. There can be no separation of faith from patriotism. There can be no separation of God from country. We will unite them. (big applause)

We will help America to be discovered, this God given- (not understandable) tonight because sometimes you have to (not understandable) In the next few minutes you are going to hear in detail some of the things Pastor Rod will be doing, and the question that is really put to you tonight in terms of your resources, in terms of your time, in terms of your commitment—where will you be? For this is Nehemiah time in America. Time to rebuild the wall of faith (big applause) (not understandable) Stand upon the floor. Put up the shield this is the (not understandable) of the faith. And let that sword which is true heart and word of God’s gospel cut clean into the future. If you will respond to this call that’ss heard here in Ohio, there shall be lifting that’s plain. And it shall pass from person to person, heart to heart from faithful spirit to faithful spirit until the light is a glow over all the horizon of Ohio, until the flame—the flame that will capture hearts all over America. And it’s been said what has begun in the spirit of God has spread to become the blessed future of America. See that future now? Commit yourself now in God’s name to be the instruments of his will. And then we will not simply sing our blessing, pray for a blessing when with our first words of courage we will be blessing. (big applause)

Well, we deserve a (not understandable) for a word like that. (applause)

Moshing with Alan

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